ALIYEV Aliyar Yusif оghlu

MAKEYEV Igor Vladimirovich
ALLAHVERDIYEV Elbrus Haji оghlu

(14.12.1957, Qazyan village, Gubadli region – 3.10.1992, Lachin region ) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (10.11.1992, after his death)

He was born on December the 14th, 1957, in the village of Qazyan of Gubadli region. In 1975 finished high school with honors, the same year he entered the Azerbaijan State Institute of Physical Education.

In 1979 he graduated with honorary diploma, and then worked as a teacher in high school in the village Dondarlı of Gubadli region for some time. In 1980 he went to military service. In 1982, after being discharged from the army, he started working in Saransk. In 1983 Aliyev returned to his home. For some time he worked as a teacher at the high school, and also as a coach for the Voluntary Sports Society “Mahsul” .

Then, in 1985, during the elections for Council of Voluntary Society of Physical Education and Sports, Aliyar was elected as a chairman of the district. He was one of the famous athletes of the country. He was very famous in Classical wrestling and repeated won a lot of medals. The young wrestler was a great coach and earned a lot of medals in many competitions and 8 of his trainees became champions of not only Azerbaijani republic but also SSSR and one student was even in the national league for the Olympic Games.  Aliyar was also participating in many wrestling championships as a judge.Aliyev took part in the socio-political events taking place in the country. He led the united democratic forces. Being part of the Popular Movement in the area he showed high organizational skills. When the Armenian aggression arose against our country, he voluntarily went to the front.

Aliyev was also one of the first to join the army against armenians.

In April of 1990 the enemy was expected to attack with huge forces not only Basharat village but also other strategically important points.  These places were well known to the commander of the battalion He was very well aware of the enemy plan and was expecting them either to attack after the midnight or before dawn. And he was not mistaken in his assumptions.   Just before the dawn an intense fire came from Topaghaj heights.  The battalion lead by A. Aliyev counter attacked the enemy gang after that. Thanks to the strategical knowledge and competence of the brave commander, the battle ended with full victory. The enemy was forced to retreat, having lost considerable amount of manpower and military equipment.

On the 30th of September 1992, in the territory of Lachin region, the battalion, commanded by Aliyar started a powerful attack for liberation of Lachin from armenian occupation. In a short time, more than 30 strategic points of the enemy were destroyed.

Then, the fighting went into the heart of Lachin region… His name was turned into a legend… Everywhere people talked about his courage…

The 3rdof October 1992… bloody battles… Shurumbashi heights…

AliyarAliyev’s battalion advanced till the Mountain called “Tikanli zemi”.

A lot of manpower and military equipment of the enemy was destroyed.

However, he could not reach the heights and the enemy bullet killed him.

He was married and had three children.

Major Aliyar Aliyev was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 301 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic on the 10th of November 1992. He was buried in the village of Gubadli region.

In Gubadli region there is his monument. One of the streets in the city of Baku is named after him.