Report: Socio-political situation allows to hold democratic, transparent presidential election in Azerbaijan

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The monitoring conducted by the election headquarters of the Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) show that the socio-political situation on the eve of the April 11 presidential election, the voters’ activity, the current legislation and other factors fully allow Azerbaijan to hold a democratic and transparent election.

The monitoring results are reflected in an interim report of the ACSDA election headquarters.

Head of the election headquarters Maharram Zulfugarli noted that the report covers the period from February 5 to April 6, 2018.

According to him, the report reflects the results of monitoring on socio-political atmosphere, freedom of speech and press, freedom of assembly, nomination and registration of candidates, voter lists, the activities of the electoral administration, and agitation campaign.

Zulfugarli emphasized that during the period, news about election in independent newspapers accounted for 13.27 percent of the total news, news published by independent telegraph agencies – 13.65 percent, news published by state newspapers – 17.62 percent, and news published by opposition newspapers accounted for 9.84 percent.

According to him, among independent newspapers – 51.67 percent of news of the “Baki Khabari” newspaper, among opposition newspapers – 50 percent of news of the “Yeni Musavat” newspaper, and among state newspapers – 50.82 percent of news of the “Azerbaijan” newspaper accounted for news related to the presidential election.

Indicators of TREND and APA news agencies are the same, and stood at 50 percent in this regard.

The report says that the activities of the Central Election Commission (CEC) on the preparation and conduct of election can be assessed as satisfactory.

All the work done by the CEC was carried out in a timely manner and within the timeframes indicated in the Program of Activities.

The CEC held a number of events on informing about the upcoming election, issued and distributed various materials and posters.

The campaign to nominate candidates to be elected as president of Azerbaijan and collecting signatures was carried out in line with the requirements of the Election Commission, and there were no interventions from outside.

During the pre-election period, there were no problems in the spheres of freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and the press.

No facts were reported about any interference or pressure on the work of the media and journalists.

There have also been no interventions or obstacles to electoral enlightenment, monitoring and preparation for observing, meetings with voters in the capital and districts, and the organization of events.