ATAKISHIYEV Aslan Gabil оghlu

KERIMOV Kazimaga Movsum оghlu
GULIYEV Madat Gazanfar оghlu
PASHAYEV Bakhsheyish Khanahmad оghlu

(16.8.1953, Muradkhanli village, Gubadli region – 7.8.1992, Lachin region) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (7.12.1992, after his death)

He was born in the village Muradkhanli of Gubadli region on august 16, 1953. And he went to the first class in 1960 and in 1970, he finished tenth grade in the same village. In 1972 he was called to military service. In 1974, he returned to his home village after completing his duty in the army. In 1977 he was accepted to the department of philology of Azerbaijani State University. After completing his education in 1981, he began teaching at the secondary school of Muradkhanli village. When Armenian invaders occupied Lachin region, and committed unforgivable crimes on the residents of the regions, and when he heard the cries of pain and agony of the people, the agony of the same pain rose in his heart against those invaders and he started burning with the feeling of revenge.

Aslan was enlisted in Gubadli region regiment and he was doing his best and would not even hesitate to sacrifice his own life in the protection of the bordering villages.

On the 5th of January, 1992 he was accepted into the ranks of the National Army, and was appointed the deputy battalion commander with the rank of lieutenant. He was one of the organizers of the battles for liberation of Lachin region, and destroyed a lot of military equipment and manpower of the enemy, showing courage in the bloody battles in the villages  such as; Upper and Lower Farajan, Suarasi and Səfian, Mazutlu,  and the Turks. August 7, 1992 – his last battle. Our soldiers were fighting in the territories of Lachin passage and Susuzdağ heights and they were firing on the positions of the enemy in order not to allow them to move forward. In this battle Aslan fought until the last breath, and in order not to fall into enemy captivity he fired the last bullet into his own heart.

He was married. He is survived by three children.

Aslan Atakishiyev Gabil oglu was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan no# 350, dated December 7, 1992. He was buried in the alley of Martyrs in Baku.