AZNAUROV Iskender Sohrab оghlu

RZAYEV Janbulag Yagub оghlu
HAJIYEV Alif Latif оghlu
ALIYEV Yaver Yagub оghlu

(16.8.1956, Bukhara region of Uzbekistan Republic – 18.4.1993, Gadabay region) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (15.1.1995, after his death)

He was born on August 16, 1956, in the state farm of village council # 22 of Fortress-Asia of Bukhara region of Uzbekistan Republic. In 1963 he  went to the first grade of the secondary school # 1 named after Lomonosov and finished tenth grade at the same school  in 1973, located in the district of Akkurqan, Tashkent region. In the same year he began to work. In 1975, he was called up for military service from the Military Commissariat of Akkurqan district. Isgender was discharged from the army in 1977, serving in the Ukrainian city of Cherkassy. He was awarded a Diploma for the exemplary military service and repeatedly thanked by the commander. Iskender entered the Institute of Irrigation in Tashkent in 1978 and graduated from it in 1983. After completing his higher education, he was assigned to work in the state farm called Qalyakudur of Akhanqaran region of Tashkent. Sometime later in 1990 Isgender and his family moved to the Kur district of Shamkir region of Azerbaijani republic. Here he started working in a factory for producing tools and instruments.

Flames of rage and vengeance overwhelmed Iskender’s heart after armenian aggressors burst into our lands. 21 April, 1992… He voluntarily joined the National Army and was assigned as a deputy commander of artillery unit # 861. The head lieutenant Iskender Aznaurov showed a perfect example of courage and destroyed many important military bases of the enemy in Sinikh village of Gadabay region.  Iskender Aznaurov in one of the heavy battles destroyed four guns of the enemy tens of armenian militants. Under his leadership, a lot of enemy ammunition depot was destroyed by successful cannon ball shots and the enemy positions were seriously damaged. This operation was successful. Iskender Aznaurov showed a true heroism example in the battle for Nazdıxanyal.

He and his fellow soldiers had cut the enemy with the rabid strong resistance in the battles. Armenian fascists felt the defeat, and were forced to retreat.

On the 18th of April 1993, the brave officer entered his final battle and died heroically.

He was married. He is survived by three daughters.

Lieutenant Aznaurov Iskender Sohrab was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree no. 262 of the president of Azerbaijan Republic on 15 January, 1995.

He was buried in the alley of Martyrs in Baku.

There is a tower after him which is called “Isgender tower” in Sinikh region. High school number 1 in the village of Kur is named after the hero too. At the entrance of the school there is a bust of him. In high school number 2 there is a “Memory corner” in his honor.