GULIYEV Agil Sahib оghlu

ALIYEV Yaver Yagub оghlu
IBRAHIMOV Mubariz Aghakarim оghlu
NAZARLI Hikmat Baba оghlu

(19.9.1963, Urud village of Sisyan region of Western Azerbaijan – 25.2.1992, Khojali city) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (7.6.1992, after his death)

He was born in Urud village of Sisyan region of Western Azerbaijan on the 19th of September, 1963. After finished secondary school in 1980, Agil entered Azerbaijan Oil Academy. He was called for Military Service while studying in the third course of the University. He did not wish to continue his education at the Academy after being discharged from the army. Therefore, he entered High Police School in Kharkov city in 1982 because while in the army he developed interest in becoming a policeman. He graduated from The Police school in 1986 and started working there as a teacher. Two years later, the most troubled days in Agil’s life started. The events that started in Garabagh in 1988 and the fact that Armenian chauvinists banished his parents from their homelands worried him a lot. In order to stop all the worries, he moved to Baku along with his family. First, he found a place to stay for his family, and then he asked to be enlisted in the newly established National Army. After his request, he was enlisted and sent to Aghdam region along with 45 other soldiers. Lieutenant A. Guliyev was appointed as a company commander. His younger brother Nasimi was also amongst the ones to stand in the defense of the Motherland. Nasimi was in charge of the scout team.

The first operation conducted by Agil, took place in Khojali.

The Russian regiment # 366 advanced towards Khojali. Agil Guliyev was doing his best in order to organize the defense of the civilians.

February of 1992… Khojali was already under the siege. Armenian militants that were counting on Russian regiment # 366 were brutally murdering innocent civilians. Agil along with his battalion counterattacked the enemy many times and destroyed a lot of Armenian fascists in the battles that took place from 18th till the 25th of February, 1992. He was wounded in both legs during one of the battles in the area called “Qaz Konturu”. On the 25th of February, when his battle friends were trying to take him to a safer place, they were all brutally murdered. Only five days later it was possible to take his body from the battle field.

He was married and had a daughter.

Guliyev Agil Sahib was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 833 of the president of Azerbaijani Republic on the 7th of June, 1992.

He was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Baku. One of the streets in Bayil district of Baku city is named after the hero. And there is also a memorial plague put in front of the building where he used to live.