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Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan realizes by stages a large activity program on Referendum to be held on March 18, 2009. In this connection ACSDA Election Headquarters launched intensive activity from January 10 to realize the monitoring of referendum preparation stage, referendum day and post referendum processes. Observation of the activity of 15 newspapers (“Azerbaijan”, “New Azerbaijan”, “Ses”, “Yeni Musavat”, “Azadlig”, “Bizim Yol”, “Ekho”, “Zerkalo”, “Express” and “525-ci gazet”) and 4 TV channels (ITV, AzTV, ANS, Lider) is realized in the course of monitoring process.
After completion of observation of the period of initial stage of Referendum eve until March 10 ACSDA Election Headquarters will draw up Interim Report. On the morning after Referendum an Initial Opinion and then a Final Opinion on the results will be brought to the attention of the public.
According to its working plan ACSDA Election Headquarters prepared and published books and booklet for the people’s enlightenment with regard to Referendum. In line with the CEC’s instructions enlightenment work will be started in the regions after February 18. Moreover, ACSDA plans organization of “exit-poll” along with ELS organization on the Referendum day.
After submitting the observers’ documents to the CEC at the end of this week ACSDA Election Headquarters will continue implementing other works by stages according to the plan. The Election Headquarters also plans publication of the book after the Referendum.

ACSDA Election Headquarters