AGHAYEV Faig Alish оghlu

HUSEYNOV Tofig Mirsiyab оghlu
SALIMOV Araz Bahadir оghlu
TAGHIYEV Shahin Talib оghlu

(6.6.1969, Papravend village, Aghdam region – 23.12.1991, Mesheli village, Khojali region) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (8.10.1992, after his death)

He was born in 1969, June 6th, in Papravend village of Aghdam region, in the family of hard – working people. After he finished secondary school in the same village in 1986, he served in the Soviet army. Soon after completing his military service in 1989, he started working in Yevlakh town. When our lands were being invaded by Armenian aggressors, Faiq also joined the war to protect Our Motherland.

He was enlisted in the police regiment that was founded in Aghdam region in 1990. And from the very day, the most noticeable and anxious days of his honorable life had started.

In December of 1991, Mesheli village was under Armenian siege.  Armored vehicles and infantry of the enemy were coming over the village through a forests filled with dust. The old, the women, and the children were dying from the bombs and bullets of the enemy. The people that were burning alive in their own houses under the bombs were not few either. The ones that were trying to get out of the burning houses were being shot by cold blooded Armenian aggressors.

Our soldiers were trying to take the civilians to a safer place. The situation was extremely dangerous and heavy. Faiq took a shelter in one of the demolished by bomb houses, and were covering the civilians from Armenian bullets and letting them to escape and find a shelter in the nearby forest. He was a good sniper.

By dragging the attention of Armenian aggressors, Faiq helped many women and children to escape from jeopardy of Armenian attack and saved many lives on that day. He did not leave his post on that day and fought till the end.

The Brave son of our motherland sacrificed his life by saving others.

He was single.

FaiqAgayev was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the president of the Azerbaijani Republic by the decree # 264, dated 8 October 1992.

He was buried in Papravend village of Aghdam region.