Ali Huseynov: “The Venice Commission’s opinion will have no impact on the referendum in Azerbaijan”

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“Officials of the Council of Europe hurried to make critical statements on the referendum in Azerbaijan and made the legal, professional and political sides of the Council of Europe Venice Commission’s opinion on the referendum a subject of discussion”, Ali Huseynov, member of Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) told APA exclusively.
Huseynov said CE officials made statements after the initiative of referendum and the issues put on referendum were announced and recommended to the Venice Commission to learn the project and to express its opinion. “I will not be surprised, if there are critical elements in the Venice Commission’s element, because it is made on the basis of those political statements”.
MP said the Venice Commission’s opinion would not have an impact on the referendum in Azerbaijan.
He said the Venice Commission expressed its opinion about the Constitutional changes in other CE member-countries as well. “The Venice Commission should respect its previous opinion about the analogical issues in other countries and should express adequate opinion”. /APA/