Azerbaijani Governing Party expects initiative of dialogue from Opposition

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Azerbaijani Governing Party expects initiative of dialogue from OppositionAzerbaijani Governing Party expects initiative of dialogue from OppositionThe ruling party of Azerbaijan highlighted its readiness for the dialogue with the oppositional parties, which boycotted presidential elections. “We are ready for dialogue if the oppositional parties make an initiative,” Mubariz Gurbanli, deputy executive secretary of ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP), told TrendNews on Dec. 11. After presidential elections on Oct. 15, discussions commenced in Azerbaijan with regard to the dialogue between the power and opposition. Over the recent days, information was provided that the dialogue will be conducted, also, with the oppositional forces, which boycotted elections.
Gurbanli said that the clear example of the dialogue between the power and opposition were the presidential elections. After the elections, the chairmen of the oppositional parties, which participated in the presidential elections, congratulated winner, i.e., the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, and thus, demonstrated civilization in the relations between the power and the opposition. 
According to Gurbanli, the parties which boycotted the elections lose their position in the society and leave the political arena.
With regard to the accusations that the Government of Azerbaijan creates the union of part of opposition, like Russia, the official representative of NAP said that the opposition is determined not by the power. “Opposition must itself prove its essence. The question of the dialogue between the power and opposition, as a rule, is raised in the oppositional press. But in the society there is the atmosphere for the dialogue,” said Gurbanli. “In the ceremony of inauguration, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, again called all people to co-operation,” MP Siyavush Novruzov, deputy executive secretary of NAP, told TrendNews.
He said that the question of dialogue has always been in the program of ruling party. “Today there are very good relations between the parties. In the presidential elections, we even collaborated with many oppositional parties, they supported our candidate, participated in the pre-election campaign,” said Novruzov. The functionary of NAP considers that in Azerbaijan there are several parties, which hold themselves away from the society.
“The heads of these parties must think of this problem. The problem is not the ideology of parties, but the people, who head them. Firstly it is necessary to conduct reforms inside the parties, and then it will be possible to think of co-operation in any form with these political forces in the future,” said Novruzov. /Trend/