Azerbaijani politicians’ opinions concerning Nagorno-Karabakh issue in Turkish-Armenian relations

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Azerbaijani politicians’ opinions concerning Nagorno-Karabakh issue in Turkish-Armenian relationsAzerbaijani politicians’ opinions concerning Nagorno-Karabakh issue in Turkish-Armenian relations“One of the subjects of negotiations that US President Barack Obama conducted with Turkey was the improvement of relations with Armenia. It shows that Turkey improves the relations with Armenia not depending on its will. Turkish politicians and state leaders understand that Azerbaijan was very important for Turkey. The head of state not taking Azerbaijan’s interests and position into account cannot rule the country for a long time”, MP Sabir Rustamkhanli, Chairman of Citizen Solidarity Party told APA.
To him, besides Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey have problems with Armenia. 
“But Turkey tries to develop the relations without these problems. Armenia does not recognize territorial integrity of Turkey, but they sit with Armenians at one table,” he said. Rustamkhanli considers that Turkey cannot refuse the issue on Nagorno-Karabakh.
“Borders between Turkey and Armenia are open at present. Flights and bus routes are open between the two countries. There are 50-60.000 Armenians in Istanbul. There is better condition for Armenians than Azerbaijanis in Turkey at present. The opening of border is a conditional and psychological issue. Several Turkish groups say that Turkey will meet happiness as soon as the borders open. It is not good that Turkey takes light steps not taking its position into account,” he said.
Sardar Jalaloglu, Chairman of ADP said that improvement of relations between Turkey and Armenia was coordinated with Azerbaijan.
“Turkey improves relations with Armenia basing on its interests. If Turkey’s interests demands to make close relations with Armenia against interests of Azerbaijan, it will take steps as independent country,” he said. Jalaloglu commented on the fact that Turkish Foreign Ministry remained silent in this issue.
“We should use new pressures. On the contrary, opening of borders between Armenia and Turkey will have benefit for us. Armenia will be free from pressure of Russia and make friendship with Turkey and there will be several changes as a result of this friendship,” he said.
Chairman of United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party, MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev expressed his concern over the improvement of the relations between Turkey and Armenia.
“Turkey has retracted from its position. Turkey used to say borders will not open and normal relations will not be established with Armenia unless Nagorno-Karabakh is solved. Now, they actually are holding talks in this direction. We regret it,” he said.
Gudrat Hasanguliyev said it seems convincing that Nagorno-Karabakh problem fell into the shade in the talks between Turkey and Armenia.
“Moreover, the terms of the recent declaration signed between Turkey and Russia raises concern. Turkish Foreign Ministry’s silence resembles one moment in Erdogan’s dispute with Israeli president. Erdogan told Shimon Peres in Davos that he was shouting because he was guilty. I think that silence of some Turkish officials is sourced from guiltiness,” he said.
Hasanguliyev considers that the processes serve opening of borders with Armenia and improvement of diplomatic relations.
“Turkish public should react. Azerbaijani officials should openly express the country’s concern. Turkish government should clarify these issues,” he said.
Chairman of Hope party, MP Igbal Agazadeh disapproved any improvement in Turkey-Armenia relations.
“But I know that Turkey’s state policy has not been established on Azerbaijan’s interests and regard it as normal. The problems created by Turkish government for years, drove the country into a corner,” he said.
Igbal Agazadeh said Erdogan’s statement on the conflict does not reveal the essence of the talks between Armenia and Turkey.
“This statement is intended for internal public and Azerbaijan. I do not claim that Turkey betrayed Azerbaijan’s positions and interests, but I think that Turkey has given up the previous principles,” he said.
He does not believe that the borders between Turkey and Armenia will open soon.
Member of the Parliament Aydin Mirzazadeh thinks that Armenian-Turkish relations are normal from the view of relations between the two countries. “The fact is that Turkey is a strategic ally of Azerbaijan and connected with Azerbaijan in many issues. The sides stated that they would support each other and Azerbaijan was always loyal to this principle. Turkey always stated that Armenia should withdraw from the Azerbaijani lands and should leave its groundless territorial claim against Turkey. Armenia never fulfilled these terms, but relations with Armenia are intensively extended. It is possible that despite non-fulfillment of the terms the borders will be opened soon and Armenia will turn into the close ally of Turkey. Unfortunately their actions don’t coincide with their statements about support to Azerbaijan”.
Leader of the National unity Movement Lala Shovkat said recent approach between Turkey and Armenia threatened Azerbaijan. “We know Russian position on Karabakh issue; they are interested in the status-quo. Turkish newspapers said that Turkey left its terms about Karabakh. It is not good news for Azerbaijan. Every state has its own interests and Turkey is protecting its interests at first. Azerbaijan has also to do that”. Shovkat said processes in Azerbaijan entangled the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. Regarding the Turkish Prime Minister’s statement, Shovkat said such refutation was possible. “There are words in diplomacy and there are actions as well. If we look at the actions we can see that Turkey already left its terms on Karabakh”. /APA/