Intense fighting continued during the all night

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Intense fighting continued along the entire length of the front in the night from 28 to 29 September.
The Armenian armed forces have repeatedly attempted to counterattack to regain the lost positions in the Fizuli-Jabrayil and Aghdere-Terter directions.
The units of the Azerbaijan Army stationed in these directions, having successfully defended, immediately suppressed all enemy attempts.
During the night battles, a mixed column of enemy armored vehicles and other combat vehicles moving from Madagiz in the direction of Aghdere, and an artillery battery providing fire support for its movement, were destroyed by the aviation assets of the Air Force and our troops stationed in this direction.
1 tank, 1 vehicle and up to 10 servicemen of the enemy, who tried to move to the fore in the Fizuli-Jabrayil direction of the front in the morning, were destroyed by artillery fire.
Intense fighting continues. The enemy was forced to retreat, suffering heavy losses.