Minister: Azerbaijan building schools in Shusha, Aghdam

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Azerbaijan is building secondary schools in liberated Shusha and Aghdam, Azerbaijani Education Minister Emin Amrullayev has told local media.

The minister emphasized that the Azerbaijani president gave instructions concerning the construction of schools in the country’s liberated territories. He added that the construction of secondary schools in Shusha and Aghdam is underway

“In the near future, perhaps in the coming months, we may witness wonderful events for the opening of schools in Shusha and Aghdam. It is encouraging that today we are talking about plans to build schools in Shusha and Aghdam,” he said.

Moreover, speaking about the starting of the new academic year, Amrullayev underlined that the main condition for it is the vaccination of education workers.

He noted that already 80 percent of education workers had been vaccinated.

“There are a small number of workers who have not been vaccinated, but I think they will be vaccinated before the schools open,” the minister added.

Likewise, the underlined that all educational workers need to be vaccinated so that the education process in the traditional form is not interrupted.

“We must not forget that the pandemic is not over yet. The more people get vaccinated, the longer the traditional form of education will last,” Amrullayev stated.

Earlier it was reported that Azerbaijan is resuming the full-time education process starting from September 22. Thus, the full-time education process in schools for students of 1-4 grades will resume on September 22, and for 5-11 grades on September 29. In addition, the education in universities will also resume on September 29. It was stated that the reason why full-time classes in Azerbaijani educational institutions will start a week later is that this would allow more people to be vaccinated against coronavirus during the additional week.

The education process in  Azerbaijan was suspended by the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision on March 2, 2020, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in educational institutions. Tele-lessons were organized for schoolchildren, and the Virtual School project was launched on April 2. Given the epidemiological situation, classes were later organized both online and in-person.

Azerbaijan confirmed its first COVID-19 case on February 28, 2020. The country introduced a special quarantine regime on March 25 and took a number of measures to fight COVID-19 in the country.

The quarantine regime in Azerbaijan was extended until 0600 (GMT +4) November 1.