ACSDA holds next project related to repeated parliamentary elections

Report: Socio-political situation allows to hold democratic, transparent presidential election in Azerbaijan
“Azerbaijan Municipality System” Journal
First stage of trainings on Exit Poll research ended

The next project of Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) was connected with repeated parliamentary elections, held in our country on May 13, 2006. ACSDA participated in the elections as an observer together with Association for Civic Initiative for Free and Democratic Elections NGO and “Transparent Elections Monitoring Center”. Civic Initiative for Free and Democratic Elections was created on May 9 in 1990 in Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. Civic Initiative for Free and Democratic Elections (CIFDE) is leading organization in Bulgaria that conducts sociologic surveys and exit polls top important for civil society development. During its activity CIFDE has conducted more than hundred Exit Polls, Quick Counts and other such successful researches. Representatives of CIFDE as observers took part in elections in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro.

27 experts and observers of CIFDE and 620 representatives of ACSDA (supervisors, interviewers, and observers) will take part in the project. ACSDA was responsible for training of personnel to conduct exit poll and quick count.

On May 13, CIFDE carried out wide-ranging investigation in repeated parliamentary elections in each of ten constituencies. Exit Poll and Quick Count will be conducted in 93 polling stations of ten electoral districts; also in 343 stations votes will be counted in parallel. ACSDA observed the elections with 686 observers, 2 in each constituency.

In parallel, ACSDA and “Transparent Elections Monitoring Center” organized broadcasting of election campaign for May 13 repeated elections by mass media (6 TV channel, 8 newspapers).