ACSDA presents monitoring results held in Mass Media concerning presidential elections

ACSDA holds roundtable of presidential candidates
Azerbaijani municipal elections run in accordance with standards: Ombudsman
British embassy in Azerbaijan observes municipal elections

ACSDA presented monitoring results for one month held in Mass Media concerning presidential elections, APA reports. The monitoring will be conducted till the election date. Monitoring covers the activity of 7 TV channels, and 8 daily newspapers.During the past time generally 327 information was presented on TV channels concerning elections, of them 295 were official and general information concerning international missions and monitoring of election process, 17 talk-shows, round tables and 105 information about candidates and political advertisements. During this period paid air time was not registered on private TV channels excluding ATV and Lider channels. 67% of the general information concerning election process of AZTV, “Space”, and “Lider” TV channels was about acting president and government members, 26% about CEC information and international observers, and the rest 7% about other candidates. Generally more information regarding election was presented on ITV. During the past time, 8 newspapers involved in the monitoring, printed 862 materials in general of which 502 were general information and information on opinion of international organizations regarding elections and 360 about candidates and opposition parties boycotting elections. /APA/