Aqil Shahmuradov: Geographically far, politically near Argentina

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When the subject is Argentina, it immediately makes you think about the football. There is no doubt that, it would not be appropriate to compare Azerbaijan with the far away country of America, which has given the world stars like Messi and Maradonna to the football world, however there are actually some details in both countries that are able to compare and draw parallels between. In this case, it should fit to remind about sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is a known fact that Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity got disturbed after its independence in 1991, by artificially created Nagorno-Karabakh problem and Armenian aggression. Armenian who has always drawn advantages of foreign aid has occupied the historical lands of Azerbaijan-the Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 other surrounding regions and has realized an ethnic-cleansing in the territories.

Argentina has faced the same territorial problems as well. With other words, Argentina-located on the south-east of the Atlantic Ocean, consisting totally 776 islands and considering the Falkland Islands archipelago as its property, counts the occupational forces of Great Britain as a distortion of its sovereignty.

Large numbers of historical facts, cultural monuments and regional toponymes, oronymes, hidronymes and so on proves that Nogorno Karabakh is an ancient land of Azerbaijan. In its turn it does not leave any suspects about Armenian false claim that appeared after the Russian deportation policy during the 19-20th centuries where Armenians achieved the demographic superiority in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Falkland Islands-discovered in 1591 by an English captain John Davis and furthermore in 1763-1765 researched by a French captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville, became the warzone for England and Spain during the coming years. In 1816 when Argentina declared its independence and became released from Spain’s occupation, the islands were under the control of the newly-established state, but in 1833 Great Britain landed its Military Forces on the islands, and established its control. And the situation is still unchanged up to these days.

The progress of events shows that neither Azerbaijan nor Argentina is willing to give up their lands within any conditions; any concession plans regarding with territories are objected by official Buenos-Aired and Baku.

Both cases are in the center of attention of the international community and both cases are tended to be resolved within peaceful acts and discussions.

One of the similar features between Buenos-Aires and Baku is that, in spite of the fact that both of Nagorno-Karabakh and Falkland Islands are under occupation, world does not count any of them as an integral part of Armenia or Great Britain.

Within the different periods, these cases have been discussed in the UN and resolutions have been adopted. It is enough to remind that, the Security Council of the UN has adopted 4 resolutions in the regard with Azerbaijan and Armenia- Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The number of adopted resolutions regarding Falkland Islands is much more than this namely are near to 40.  None of the adopted resolutions have been fulfilled up to these days; this in its turn shows the double-standards that are applying against Azerbaijan and Argentina, however, both countries trying to provide their territorial integrity with the peaceful means.

During the last years, despite the objections of Armenian societies, there is some reviving in the relationship between Azerbaijan and Argentina. Due to similar positions in certain cases, there are positive opportunities for the further development of relations.

Aqil Shahmuradov