621 000 and 1 130 000 (First demographic etude)

How can Armenian overcome facelessness crisis?
Resettlement policy of the Russian Empire
The Manifesto dated 15th July 1722 of the Peter I for province population on the Caspian coast
There are many Azerbaijanis in the Russian Federation who call Russia “Ruset”.

In addition, this tendency has been going on for years.
For example, many years ago, in 1959 the Azerbaijanis formed only 0.1% of the population of the Russian Federation, whereas this figure rose to 0.2% in 1989. However, in the second year of a new era Azerbaijanis formed 0.4% of the population of the Russian Federation.
The number, in figures is as the following: 71 000 in -1959; 336 000 in- 1989; and finally 621 00 in -2002. Particularly I stress that it concerns the Azerbaijanis who are the Russian citizens.
And what about the Armenians?
In 1959 it was 256 000 (0.2% of population)
In 1989 it was 532 000 (0.4% of population)
In 2002 it was 1 130 000 (0.8% of population)
We have to note that this process goes on in parallel with the reduction of the Russian people’s share in overall number of the population of the RF. If 83%of the population of the Federation was the  Russians in 1959, this figure decreased to 81.5%  in 1989 and  became 79.8% in 2002.
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 Fuad Babayev
PhD in Political sciences