KERIMOV Kazimaga Movsum оghlu

JABRAILOV Mikayil Ahmadiyye оghlu
AHMEDOV Natig Ilyas оghlu
SHIKAROV Shikar Shukur оghlu

(1.9.1951, Sariyatag village, Gubadli region – 15.6.1992, Baku city) – National Hero of Azerbaijan (23.6.1992, after his death)

He was born in Sariyatag village of Gubadli region on the 1st of September 1951. After finishing secondary school named after Gara Ilyasov, he started working at regional newspaper called Avangard. He entered the faculty of Journalism in Baku state university in 1970. Kerimov was writing interesting articles and having them published in the newspapers of not only his region but also the whole republic during his university years. After graduating from the university, he was appointed to work at the magazine called “Azerbaijan Mektebi”. Sometimes later, he decided to leave in Gizilhajili village of Goranboy region.

Kazimaga started working at the Agro – industrial Association of the region as a legal adviser. He was working with enthusiasm and was satisfied with his job but unfortunately his happy life did not last long and he was forced to take up arms.

He was actively involved in the establishment of the self-defense battalion in Goranboy region in 1991. Later on, when the second battalion was established, he was appointed as a deputy commander. The head lieutenant Kazimaga Kerimov, who had learned basic knowledge of the military equipment at the university, had to exchange his pen to a gun. Thus his passage of battle had started. He was fighting for the sake of villages such as Erkej, Garachinar and Mesheli and was also actively involved in all battle operations. The deputy commander gave the last order to his soldiers… They had to release those lands from armenian invaders. Meanwhile, armenian militants started appearing from the woods. The soldiers took their guns and a short time later the armenian invaders were disarmed. He was wounded in his leg during this battle. His battle friends sent him to Baku by a helicopter without losing any time. But unfortunately, Kazimaga Kerimov died at the hospital from severe blood loss.

He was married and had one son.

Kerimov Kazimaga Movsum was posthumously awarded the title of “A National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree number 6 of the president of the Azerbaijani republic on June the 23rd, 1992.

He was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Baku city. The Cultural House of Qizilhajili village is named after him. His bust was put in Goranboy city.