President Ilham Aliyev viewed works to be done in new forest park in Yasamal district

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President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva have viewed the works to be done in a forest park in Yasamal district, Baku.

Informing President Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva about the conditions that will be created in the new forest park, Head of Baku City Executive Authority Eldar Azizov said:

– Dear Mr. President, dear Mehriban khanum.

Mr. President, a project for a new forest park has been prepared on your instructions. It is being introduced to you today. The project covers an area of four hectares. Mr. President, this territory was once seized by some people who intended to sell it in parts. After your intervention, this process was suspended and these lands were returned to the state fund.

First of all, with your permission and at the request of the people living in this territory, I would like to express their deep gratitude to you.

Dear Mr. President, the park is conditionally divided in several zones. The forest zone covers almost 70 percent of the park’s territory. In addition, there will be a playground, a fitness area and a café here. The park will have six entrances. There will be a parking lot in front of the main entrance. A special program is being prepared and will be presented to you on what trees and plants will be planted here.

At the same time, the architects are preparing a number of proposals for the use of small architectural forms in the park.

President Ilham Aliyev: Very good! I was here some time ago to participate in the opening of an overhead pedestrian crossing and at that time I gave the order to overhaul the buildings located here, because I saw that they were already outdated and their appearance did not meet any standards. I enquired and it turned out that the inside of these buildings was in very poor condition too. Therefore, I gave appropriate instructions on comprehensive renovation of these buildings. At the same time, I learned that there is a large fenced plot of land which had already been divided and put up for sale. I asked and was informed that whoever had captured it had no documents. Therefore, I immediately gave instructions to identify the people who committed these offences, bring them to book, demolish all the fences and establish a beautiful park here for citizens to enjoy.

One of the conditions at that time was that the park should have all the conditions for people to spend their leisure here and that the park should be natural. There are many high-rise buildings here, thousands of people live in this area, so it is necessary to create a small forest inside the city. Therefore, it is necessary to give maximum preference to the natural landscape. Naturally, there will be recreation, fitness, entertainment facilities and benches here. But vegetation should cover a wider area, trees must be planted so that people can come and comfortably rest here, so that this becomes a great contribution to the overall development of our city. I think that the project has been designed very well and preference here is being given to plants. Therefore, it is necessary to start specific work on the creation of the park already today. How long will it take you approximately?

Eldar Azizov: Dear Mr. President, we will try to complete it by the end of November.

President Ilham Aliyev: If this work is completed by the end of this year, the park can become a good New Year gift for local residents.

Residents of nearby multi-storey buildings greeted the head of state and his wife from their balconies.

President Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva gave instructions regarding the work to be done in the new park.