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“ELS” Independent Research Centre and Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan are completely ready to conduct “exit-poll” and “quick-count” researches in connection with presidential elections to be held on October 15. Therefore all the preparation works for conducting the research are finished. All documents and equipment necessary for “exit-poll” and “quick-count” researches has been prepared and sent to the stations where the researches are to be held.
The research will cover 800 stations of 118 electoral constituencies. 1600 interviewers, 220 supervisors, 100 telephone operators and 100 computer operators are recruited for conducting “exit-poll” research at those stations. Team-headquarters staff consisting of 100 persons will operate at the centre to directly control conducting of the research. “Quick-count” research will be held at the stations where “exit-poll” researches are to be conducted. At the stations where “exit-poll” research is to be conducted “quick-count” research will be held in parallel. The staff to conduct “quick-count” research will be controlled from the same centre. 800 observant have been recruited for this purpose.
120-160 thousand of questionnaires are expected to be gathered in the framework of the research, and this implies learning about the choice of the same number of people.
It must be noted that, “exit-poll” research is conducted for the fourth time and “quick-count” research for the second.
“ELS” Independent Research Centre