HAJIYEV Alif Latif оghlu

MAHARRAMOV Sakhavat Alamdar оghlu
GAMBAROV Ramiz Bulud оghlu
RUSTAMOV Mazahir Izzat оghlu

(24.06.1953, Khojaly – 26.02.1992, Khojaly) – National Hero of Azerbaijan ( 06.06.1992, after his death).

Graduated from secondary school in 1970 and auto school in 1971 in Khankendi. Served in the army in Minsk (1971 -1973). Worked in different positions of internal affairs units of Belorussia SSR MIA and Azerbaijan SSR NKAO. Studied Special Secondary National School named after Frunze within USSR MIA (1976-1979), continued his education at the Academy of USSR MIA. While he was working at the department of Internal Affairs of NKAO, several sabotages took place against him. He was sentenced to 10 years in jail with fake claims. Later he was acquitted and freed. In 1990 he returned to Khojaly and continued his fight against Armenian nationalists while he was working at the Committee of People Support to Khojaly established in Nagorno Karabakh. In the December of 1990 he returned his position in the organs of internal affairs and was appointed as the chief of internal affairs unit of Khojaly airport lines. Meanwhile, he was the commandant of Khojaly Airport. He was awarded with the rank of Major. As a result of decisiveness of A.Hajiyev Khojaly Airport was liberated from the control of Armenian nationalists. In February 25, 1992, Armenians started “Khojaly operation”. People living in Khojaly did not listen warnings of Armenians to leave the village and waited for assistance from Baku. Alif Hajiyev and his detachment fought against frantic Russian soldiers and Armenian armed forces until 5 a.m. Forces were not equal in the battles. A.Hajiyev showed valuable braveness in the bloody battle and conveyed a group of peaceful people toward Shelli village of Aghdam. Later, he returned back and joined the combat again. He fell for a righteous cause with enemy’s bulletproof while he was changing his gun comb. He was married and had 2 daughters. A.Hajiyev was buried in the Martyrs Avenue in Baku. One of the streets of Baku in Nizami district was named after him.

Literature: Vugar Asgarov “National Heroes of Azerbaijan”, Baku, Republic Memory Book Editorial Office, 2005. Pg.54-55