Russia’s arming Armenia inadmissible!

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Public Association for the Protection of on Rights of Migrants and IDPs’ in Azerbaijan released a statement. The statement says: Mass media found out the facts of Russia’s hand-over of ammunition to Armenia. According to the received data chief on armament of Russian military base #102 located in Gumru city of Armenia sold ammunition including 21 units of T-22 tanks, 27 units of BMP-2, 12 units of APC 70/80, 5 BREM-2 war vehicles produced on basis of 5 BMP-1, 4 units of ZSU- 23-4 Shilka rockets, Strela rockets of different brands, 875 boxes of F-1 and RQD grenades, 1050 boxes of RKQ-3/3 EM grenade, 7,897 ammo of different brand (122 millimeters RS, 152 millimeters 2s3, 122 millimeters D-30), 120 units of QP-25 grenade launchers, 2, 846 units of 5.45 millimeters of AK-74 and AKS-74 guns, 1,472 units of 7.62 millimeters of AKM and AKMS guns, 103 units of NB-8 nights vision equipment, trotyl sabers, mines of different brands (TM 62 M/P, OZM-72, PMN), 14 units of BM-37 mine launcher, 9 Grads (RSZO 9K51 BM-21), 10 units of Akasia howitzer produced on basis of T-55 (SAU 152 millimeters of 1S), 14 units of Gvozdika howitzer produced on basis of MT-LBU (SAU 122 millimeters of 2 S1), 5 units of Rapira cannons of 100 millimeters (MT-12r), 210 units of 3 M9M3 Kub rockets, totally worth $800 million to Armenian armed forces under the signature of Vyacheslav Golovchenko, deputy on armament of Northern Caucasus military region commander.
This fact was confirmed by the head of the Defense Ministry press service Alexander Petrunin. According to the information given by the Armenian deputy defense minister Alik Mirzabekyan additional handing over of S-125 and «Pechora-2M» anti-aircraft-rocket complex to the Air Defense Forces is envisaged as well. This is not the only fact of Russia’s hand-over of ammunition to Armenia. The cases of gratuitous hand-over of ammunition in the amount of $ 1 bln. in 1996-1998, supply of Armenia since 2000 by “Radiotekhcomplect” Closed Joint Stock Company with different military-purpose radio-electronic equipment and other cases are also known.
Expressing the position of IDPs of the country the Public Union “On Rights of the Migrants and IDPs’ in Azerbaijan” voice their concern and rage concerning the mentioned facts and condemns Russia’s action. The point is that this country is one of the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group regulating the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, and Armenia, which Russia is arming have occupied one fifth of the Azerbaijan territory and still keeps it under occupation.
Russia’s such actions, which can be assessed as a threat against Azerbaijan and are contrary to the provisions of Moscow Declaration and Flank agreement on Regular Military Forces in Europe, impact the authority of Russia and the trust of Azerbaijani people and prejudice the objectivity in the process of regulation of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
On behalf of 1 million Azerbaijani people driven out of their home lands we call on Russia obey the international rules by feeling responsibility in front of the world community, and strongly demand from its leadership to stop arming the aggressor state under any pretexts and take the illegally handed over ammunition back!