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Turkish-Islamic Union is Our Destiny: Turkish AnalystTurkish-Islamic Union is Our Destiny: Turkish AnalystTurkish-Islamic Union is Our Destiny: Turkish Analyst

Interview of Turkish analyst Adnan Oktar, well-known as Harun Yahya with the Middle East Department of Trend News.

Question: What are the key goals of the idea of Turkish-Islamic union that you initiated? What conditions make this union necessary today?

Answer: Turkic-Islamic union is the union, which arose in the soul. This is love. If my father, mother, brothers once depart to the different places, one time they will decide to re-unite. Whatever happens, we are sure that we will re-unite. This is the Turkish-Islamic union. Naturally the members of the disunited family always hope for reunification. What family wants to live far from each other? Is it possible? Even if borders and walls are established between the family members, once they will re-unite. This is the decision made in the heart, the spiritual peace of the Turkish-Islamic countries.
Today the realization of this reunification depends on the solution of some small technical problems. For example, reunification of Azerbaijan with Turkey can be solved only with the cancellation of passport regime for entry-exit. There is no need for other action, since we are so connected by spiritual bonds. But it is necessary to do so that the love between us would be even more. It is necessary to strengthen relations. We are contemporary, intelligent, progressive and full of love.
We love Allah, believe in Koran, oppose the backwardness, support good manners, we are people, who are full of love and have aesthetical understandings, and we accept everything that rests on logic. We are not the supporters of radicalism. No similar opinion attracts us. We are one family, and want to be together. Is there anything excessive in this?
Question: Can you specify the form of cooperation of this union, please? 
Answer: When the people have a factor of love, uncommon dynamism appears, and this is possible, if we make efforts. If we do not make efforts, it is impossible to achieve anything. Man, who works hard, opens factory, school, builds roads, parks and he will continue this without getting tired. For example, wealth of our Azerbaijan brothers is the occasion of happiness for us. It would be much more pleasant for us to see how our Azerbaijani brothers arrive in Turkey easily. My key desire is the direct corridor between Azerbaijan and Turkey. By obtaining the consent of the Armenians, it is necessary to reach the opening of this corridor.

Question: What political, economic and cultural implications does the union possess?

Answer: Of course, all countries should maintain their independence in this union. This is important from the viewpoint of governance as well. Because, citizens are well familiar with their own states. No outsider can come and govern their state. The current Azerbaijani government is very sincere in its relations with Turkey and President Ilham Aliyev has a great love for Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan also has a great love for Azerbaijan. So far, I have not met with anyone who would say that “this union is impossible and I am against it”. It means that this union is already being realized.

Question: What issues that Turkish-Islamic countries can not realize, can become possible by the realization of this union?

Answer: Because of absence of this union, we can not use natural resources in a proper way. By establishing cooperation with Europe, America, China and Russia, we will be able to use this natural wealth. The establishment of this union will open opportunities to benefit from oil reserves and our living standards will further improve. Turkic world should maintain good relations with all countries across the world. We will revive mosques, universities and schools. We should try to establish friendly relations with other countries as well. For example, Russia is a state with rich cultural heritage. Creation of Turkish union can further strengthen Russia. Turkish states need Russia and Russia needs us. And our relations with Russia can be a cause for mutual enrichment. Another example is China. We do not want the Chinese people to regress; quite on the contrary, we want them to develop further. However, today one can not say that Chinese people have good living standards. Let them cooperate with Turkic states in all spheres including economy, trade, so that their life standards improve. Moreover, the presence of good relations with America and European countries is also important. Because this is our world. Muslims are the most just people all over the world. Turkic people are the most honest people of the world. Some forces try to instigate trouble between nations. They want to provoke Turkish-Kurd confrontation in the south-east of Turkey. The issue of Kurdish Worker Party is the biggest crime committed against people living in the south-east of Turkey. Some forces seek to establish a small state in this region. This state can be weak and can not develop because of location in a small mountainous area. Today our Kurdish brothers living there are quite free and can go to any place in Turkey and build trade relations. We had President and chief of staff and today we have ministers of Kurdish origin. No one would even think to oppose it. We treat all our citizens equally regardless of their nationality. Conflicts and intrigues are temporary occurrences. We as a Turkic world need immediate enlargement. Our ideas and ideals should be high. Turkish-Islamic union is our destiny and we will witness it in future.
Question: Are there favorable regional and global conditions to create a Turkic-Islamic union?

Answer: First of all, Europe, America, Russia and China should be given a strong guarantee. Earlier Turkish-Islamic union was accepted as a structure targeted against other countries and as a racist ideology pursuing its own interests. Actually this is not our goal. We treat all living beings and human beings as equal creatures of the Lord. But God has created many nations in large numbers and this is wealth in a way. God tells us not to be at enmity, but to love each other.
After presenting guarantee to leadings states, they will not oppose the creation of Turkish-Islamic union. In other words, once the aim of this union will be made clear, these states will even assist in its establishment. Therefore, this union should be a system preventing terror and enriching and strengthening economy of these countries.

Question: What steps have been taken to realize this initiative?

Answer: We help create a union through media. We constantly talk about these in media and as a result recently public opinion has been formed which supports Turkic-Islamic union. First of all the people should be persuaded of the idea of this union. To believe and to want is a solution of 99%. After that the issue can be fully solved on government level. However, US and Russia should be persuaded that this union will be in their own favor. So far, there has been great progress in this respect. Oil and gas pipeline projects, railway projects have been realized and meeting of Turkic-Islamic states have been held. Systematic steps are being taken in this direction. We need help of Azeri brothers in creating Turkish-Islamic Union. We would like them to play one of the leading roles in realization of this union. We should hurry a little to establish it. We would like a meeting on this issue to be held in Azerbaijan as well so that the media will cover this issue more and so that appeals will be made to governments of Azerbaijan and Turkey in this respect. The foreign passports for entry and exit should be canceled first of all for the realization of this project. As Muslims, we should hope for God’s help in this issue. The theory of Darwinism alienates us from our historical, national and spiritual values. We should also fight Darwinism which deals a blow to our historical roots.
The fight against Darwinism successfully ended in Turkey and Europe. Other Turkic states should also try to complete this fight successfully. No one can win over educated and cultured nation. Such nation and country always reaches success. /Trend/