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Nushiravan Maharramli: “We have sent the proposals of the US to a higher instance”Nushiravan Maharramli: “We have sent the proposals of the US to a higher instance”Chairman of national Television and Radio Council Nushiravan Maharramli interviewed by APA

– What issues were discussed during the visit of representatives of the U.S. Broadcasting Council to Baku? 

– U.S. Broadcasting Council offers to return to the previous broadcasting scheme. But the National Television and Radio Council has expressed its position. Azerbaijan’s legislation does not allow this. U.S. Broadcasting Council wants to solve this problems basing on the interstate contract. They presented a package of proposals to us. According to the package, they want foreign radio stations to be broadcasted in the previous format, and raised issue to broadcast Azerbaijani radios in America. But this is not the solution of this problem on parity basis, because from Azerbaijani side Azerbaijani government undertakes the commitment, while in America it is done by private companies. They will recommend private companies to organize the broadcasting. Of course, we are studying this issue, too. As it is interstate contract, we have sent the project to a higher instance. We will pass a decision after they consider and assess it.

– U.S. ambassador Anne Derse said the Broadcasting Council had presented the initial version of the international and bilateral agreement to Azerbaijani government. Can this version be supported?

– It does not concern NTRC. NTRC basing on the legislation and within the framework of its power, does not consider broadcasting of foreign radio stations and TV channels proper. It is not right to give preference to one state and not to give to others. Equal conditions should be created for all countries. The law should not be uncertain. This is our position. On the other hand, if the state undertakes commitment, we can of course consider this issue.

– How could the Azerbaijani broadcasters’ Azeri and English broadcasting in America be important for our state?

– This issue must be solved between the states. If the states sign an intergovernmental agreement and undertake commitments, of course, we can review this issue.

– Members of the Parliament recently made remarks to the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council. What is your reaction to these remarks?

– Members of the Parliament represent the lawmaking institution. It will be better that they remember what organization they represent. We all should accept the supremacy of law. We should implement what the laws dictate. Unfortunately the members of the parliament speak against the implementation of the laws. It is not correct.

– Could the broadcasting of Turkish films in the original language be brought to agenda like the issue of foreign radio stations? The parliamentarians say that a nation can not have two languages, and it will have effect on the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan…

– It is a groundless idea. We are living in legal state and providing our activity on the basis of law. The parliamentarians should understand it better. Let them introduce any legal document, if they can prove that Azerbaijani and Turkish are the same language. We are acting in accordance with the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic, which says that Azerbaijani is a state language. The law on the state language says that all TV and Radio programs should observe the rules of Azerbaijani language. It is not an independent action. Unfortunately some people, including some lawmakers understand it as an independent action. /APA/