Speech of Spiridon Kuvelis, a former member of Greece Parliament, at “Sarsang SOS ” international conference in Tartar on September 7, 2013

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Press release (closed to the Conference held On November 9-11, 2013)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will speak in English; unfortunately I don’t know Azerbaijani language.

I would like to thank organizers and Mr. Suleymanov for being engaged in one of the most dangerous problems for this region. I would mention that this is very important. I have been engaged in water problems for 20 years and according to my wide experience, I can consider water one of the strongest, the most impressive and most important natural elements.

To play with water is a dangerous factor as playing with fire in a figurative form during the conflict or in occupation cases as in Karabakh issue.

Unconditionally wrong usage of water or not providing with water in appropriate time and appropriate season spread discord causing negative results. And this has negative impacts either on environment or for social position of people living in these regions and areas. The second issue is a safety of bands in the water reservoirs located in these areas and this is not only a national problem, national issue and at the same time it is an issue, which should be paid attention by the international experts and international organizations.

We could obviously see in slides presented by the expert spoke before me the aftereffects occurred as a result of tragedy happened in such cases. Flood occurred as a result of tragedy occurred in water reservoir may lead to the state caused by tsunami happened in other state of Japan or Asia. Therefore sharing the speeches of other experts, I think that a board, a committee consisting of international experts should be established and they should be engaged in some investigations and activities on safety of Sarsang water reservoir. I think that we and other organizations should propose more convincing and more operational approaches and proposals regarding with its safety.

I thank you again for your invitation.